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MY STORY, the story of WELL!

I am a Health and Wellness Coach, founder and passionate practitioner at WELL!

Over the past decade, I have taken a keen interest in healthy eating; healthy living. This interest grew to become my absolute pursuit, and is the raison d'être for WELL!

I am passionate about how the body can heal through eating WELL!


I myself have experienced the benefits of healing from chronic illness and sustaining my weight by adjusting my nutrition. I also enjoy a balance of work and life, and I am intentional in my relationships with others and my relationship with God.


My own journey to health and wellness has advanced to a point that I can now extend my experience and what has become my absolute passion as a service to you!

I have such confidence in every service offering at WELL!


I invite you.

Join me on your journey to WELLness - your longevity!


Liz Thobejane

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